Detroit Lions are true winners in 2010 NFL Draft, pick Suh and Best

Whoa, what a ride. The night started out so typical of every draft year where rumors swirled about potential trades early and the whole draft boards of teams coming crashing down. The 2010 NFL draft started out pretty tame, and if your a Lions fan that is a GREAT thing.

The Lions selected Ndamukong Suh #2 overall, and with that, they obtained the best player in the draft. Suh is a game changer, that has amazing talent and character. He is a blue-collar hard working mountain of a man, and should really blossom into a dominant NFL force. Every scout you speak with agrees he is a can’t miss prospect. It is true the the Lions have greater needs than DT, but they could not pass this guy up and they did have a need at DT, you just dont pass up an elite talent like that, and it just so happens to give us a face for the defense and fill a need.

Speaking of elite talent… Back on April 12th, I had proclaimed that the Lions should target Jahvid Best. Sure enough, with the 1st round winding down, there were still several CBs and when the NY Jets selected Kyle Wilson, I figured that maybe there is a shot that Best would be around at #34. little did I know that all along the Lions had specifically targets Jahvid Best as one of the highest rated players in the entire draft, and that instead of risk another team trading up to select Best before the Lions were set to pick at #34 in the 2nd round, The Lions were aggressive and made sure they got their man.

Selecting Jahvid Best after trading up to the 30th pick of the first round, by essentially swapping 4th rounders and giving one of four 7th round picks was a great value in my opinion. Sure the lions could have rolled the dice and sat back at #34, and 1. hoped another team that Minnesota traded with (they were pretty much going to trade back regardless) would not want Best, and 2. hope that after a whole night to sleep on it and a whole day to work a trade, another team wouldnt trade up to the Rams pick to take him, but the Lions specifically targeted him, and went up to get their man.

Getting Suh was amazing and in and of itself is a huge positive step for the lions, and he will make the defense a lot better for a long time, getting Jahvid Best in the same night might be an even bigger addition to this team. I cannot overstate the amount of skill Best has. Best is an elite talent, and just has athleticism and vision you cannot coach at all. He had concussions last year, and that is the reason we were able to get him because he would have gone potentially as the #1 back in this draft if it weren’t for that risk factor.

As Jim Schwartz mentioned in the official press conference, he has been on youtube watching the highlights of Best quite often, and that is all you need to see to make your own decision on this kids talent level. I see the lions having Best gain 5 lbs of muscle so that he is a little thicker, he currently is 5-10 1/2 and 200 pounds. Best should be a starter, and should carry the load, I can see Kevin Smith and Aaron Brown coming in on special plays and some 3rd downs. But Best, much like Barry Sanders, can score a TD from anywhere on the field on any down, he has that type of talent.

I would have to say that the Lions really scored on the opening of the 2010 NFL draft. Adding 2 elite talents to this team, in positions that make a huge impact in their respective sides of the ball is not something that can be understated. The Lions were the winners on draft night.

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