Detroit Lions need a backup to Reggie Bush; Mayhew cannot make same mistake twice

The Detroit Lions signed Reggie Bush to kickoff a productive free agency this year. Upon analyzing how the detroit offense works, a gadget back such as Jahvid Best or Reggie Bush is essential.

Last year the single biggest reasons the Lions lost so many games was Mayhew and Schwartz somehow forgot to make sure they had on their roster a speedy back who can catch out of the backfield, a gadget back. The Lions were 5-0 with Jahvid Best in 2011 before he went down with injury, I do not think that is a coincidence.

The gadget back works so well with our offense becuause of all the space that Calvin Johnson creates with teams having to allocate resources to his zone of the field on all this routes. There is typically 6-7 men in the box as our run game is not respected, therefore our offense sputters and does not find consistancy when it comes up to 3rd down and we make an incomletion.. done… punt time. or as happened many times we would settle for long field goals.

Joique Bell and Mikel LeShoure are actually pretty solid running backs, and LeShoure might be better further removed from his achilles tear, and Bell is just a beast. Joique Bell actually looked better than LeShoure so it is nice to see that the Lions finally uncovered a legit NFL player off waivers. That does not happen very often so I applaud the front office for that.

Every year in the NFL draft there are several gadget backs that can be had in the later rounds. Atlanta nabbed Jaquiz Rodgers in the 5th round, and he is the typical small, speedy catch out of the backfield type that just works. Atlanta’s offense was a juggernaut last year due to elite WR play and gadget backs providing the proper counter threat. Matt Stafford is better than Matt Ryan, Calvin Johnson is better than Julio Jones. we just need another WR to compliment Johnson like Roddy White does with Julio Jones.

The Lions front office vowed to not make the same mistake twice. I say, make sure we devote a roster spot to a backup to Reggie Bush, as what if Reggie gets dinged up or injured? Considering how important the gadget back is to this offense, i think it would be very unwise for Mayhew to not draft a young small, speedy gadget back.

Consider this a tribute to the gadget back! Those little guys such as Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush with New Orleans who just create nightmares in space. the smaller the harder to catch and tackle. I want the Lions to draft a little 5’8″ gadget back. Mayhew make it happen.

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