Fire Schwartz! Fire Mayhew! Let the Lions Coaching debate begin

Its sad that the Detroit Lions consistantly find amazing ways to lose a game. two weeks in a row now, they have lost a game pretty much because of special teams, and allowing 2 special teams return touchdowns! 

You think the Titans game was an epic failure (i will discuss Dominc Raiola in a minute) with 2 special teams returns and 1 lame, bench worthy, very lame play by Brandon Pettigrew, where he allows a defender to rip a ball from his hands and keep running, like he just got robbed… c’mon man..

This past Sunday vs. the Vikings, the Lions go out and allow the opening kickoff to be returned for a TD by Percy Harvin… and right there i had a feeling that would be the game.

I do not have many issue with the defense, they have been pretty good really, good enough to be 4-0 quite honestly. The only points wonder boy Christian Ponder scored were due to our lovely Mayhew (wait til later in the draft to find great value on secondary, after i spend another pick on a WR) wonder boy Bill Bently, who has a hard time turning his head on any play he has single coverage on… thats just bad.

The Lions just find crazy ways to lose critical games.. any Lions fan who knows this team, knows that these past 2 games were critical to get wins, as looking at the schedule at the start of the year, most everyone penciled these games in as wins, and that was barely getting lions to 10 wins..

What a sad team.

I put the blame on the coaching staff.

Dominic Raiola, he of amazing ability to make line calls??, how the hell is this bum still on our team? I have wanted this guy gone for the past 6 seasons I think.. and there he goes and basically loses the game for us in Tennessee. 

Jim Schwartz, you wonder why we can’t run the ball with 5 man boxes? are you blind? Do you not look at the tape every week to see Raiola get consistantly blown up on any running play? the only positive thing i’ve ever heard about Raiola is he makes good line adjustments… SCREW THAT! This coaching staff has to see this teams major weaknesses are Raiola and RG peterman.

These bums are in over their heads…

Brandon Pettigrew, i am so tired of wondering everytime a ball is thrown your way if you are going to drop it, this is a concentration issue, with the gloves these players have now, bad drops have become a lot more rare. yet here is Pettigrew dropping a TD in a critical comeback moment… among many other drops so far this year.

I would give a lot more playing time to Tony Scheffler, his blocking ability be damned i dont care.

How does Mayhew not obtain a great safety? Louis Delmas is Bob Sanders, Amari Spievey is a failed draft pick, you mis-evaluated him and he is just not an NFL player, if you release him tomorrow, he goes unclaimed…

the only NFL worthy player in the Lions secondary is Chris Houston.

Something is missing from the tenacity of the defensive line this year, i remember the line consistantly winning battles last year, and having a lot more energy, something is not right. maybe is kyle vanden boesh just getting a year older, SUH getting doubled every snap, Sammie Hill and Nick Fairley not affecting the line much.

I see other teams like the Housotn Texans, and San Francisco just bring it on every level of their defense.. the Lions just have the feeling of a bend dont break team.. not aggressive.

We have played 4 pretty bad offenses so far, i am scared to see how we play against a great passing team.

If I don’t see some changes made on this team, it will be confirmed to me that the coaching staff does not know what its doing and is in over their heads.

Lions are 1-3, how sad is this… i know this team, they have deeper issues, and I am ready to write them off, they needed the last 2 games, they do not have a good enough team to make the playoffs after starting 1-3. sorry to say.

This is a sad day, the lions officially took a giant step back yesterday.

Let the Draft talk begin…

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