Haynesworth to Detroit?

The NFL world has been abuzz regarding the turmoil going on in Washington DC. New head coach Mike Shanahan and General Manager Bruce Allen tried to include Albert Haynesworth in the recent trade for Donovan McNabb. This has really stirred the pot there in Reskins nation.

Apparently Haynesworth wants no part of moving to the nose tackle position in Washingtons new 3-4 defense, and would like to be traded. It has been mentioned that Haynesworth specifically looked for teams that were 4-3 defensive scheme, so I can somewhat relate to his frustration.

The interesting scenario has Haynesworth being traded to Detroit. It is a logical fit as Jim Schwartz runs the system that made Haynesworth into what he is today.

The interesting thing to discuss in all this is the trade package and ramifications and what is going on in Martin Mayhews mind regarding his options. Some have talked that a deal could get done with Detroit and Washington swapping 1st round picks, and then Detroit giving Washington a 3rd rounder and possibly 7th rounder. With this major DT acquisition, you could rule out drafting a DT. There are several propects the Lions could select that have not been talked about. I do feel that drafting Eric Berry would fill a hole, and he is regarded as either the number 1 or 2 prospect overall on the 2010 draft board.

Other options the Lions might want to consider if they acquire Haynesworth, would be a top rated LT, such as Trent Williams from Oklahoma, as all along Mayhew has stated he thinks very highly of 2 LTs as being the best in this draft. Drafting an elite DE in the first round would round out the D line very nicely and allow the Lions to rotate another highly skilled pass rusher and develop someone to take over for Kyle Vanden Bosch in due time.

Taking a proven compeititor such as Joe Haden CB from Florida at number 4 or if we traded down, would be an excellent use of a draft pick, as getting a STUD CB is probably the lions #1 biggest need as of today.

Mayhew has stood by his draft the best talent and player available regardless of position, and there are some interesting offensive playmakers that might make sense depending on what happens. The Lions desperately need a #2 receiver and hope that Nate Burleson can fill that role, but he has a injury plagued past, and with an elite talent sitting there for the taking in Dez Bryant, wouldn’t be too far out of line. You typically can’t find elite wideouts anywhere but the 1st round of a draft, they just don’t grow on trees. C.J. Spiller is electrifying, but many view him as a reggie bush type athlete, not bulky enough to carry the load of touches in the backfield.

Acquiring Haynesworth in a trade would be a huge move, and really open up the Lions possibilities in the draft. Suh seems like he is poised to have a great NFL career and make an impact, so the Haynesworth trade hinges on Schwartz, Mayhew and cos opinion of SUH, and if they feel another 1st rounder is very appealing, then it might be wise to make the move. Trading a 3rd rounder and swapping 1st rounders, essentially trades Haynesworth for Suh, and allows the Lions to grab a first round talent at another position rather than a 3rd. that is a good trade in my opinion.

1 thought on “Haynesworth to Detroit?

  1. albert wont be getting first round trade value
    you can get him for a 3rd and maybe a 2 next year
    you need to understand trade value diminishes the closer you get to the draft
    and why you wouldnt draft suh to go with haynesworth and hill is beyond me
    if im the lions im on the phone

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