Jahvid Best is an Elite talent that Mayhew should not pass on

It appears that Jahvid Best, the standout RB from Cal will likely slip to the Lions at the #34 pick in the draft. As the draft this year is split up over 3 days total, round 1 on Thursday April 22nd, Rounds 2 and 3 on Friday the 23rd and the remainder on Saturday the 24th, many analyst predict many more trades as teams and GMs have a night to make trades for players they covet that might have fallen etc.

If the Lions stay put at #34, its a huge decision if they want to select the best talent available and what they feel they can get later in the draft. There seem to be a lot of middle round RBs that grade out pretty well, but in my opinion, RB is such an essential position to a good team, that relying on Kevin Smith is not wise, and we should consider Jahvid Best at #34. Many people were getting the opinion that Kevin Smith is not good enough to be a feature back, even before he went down with the serious injury. Kevin has shown himself to be a great competitor, and I think that the offensive line was very weak, but as I watched games, Kevin had many chances to make big plays, but he couldnt break a tackle and was caught from behind far to many times. I think Kevin would be a great 3rd down back, as he catches the ball really well, and can pass block pretty well.

Getting an elite TD scoring talent in Jahvid Best in the 2nd round would be a great addition to the team. Linehan has used speedy RBs well in his offense, so I feel that Best would add a lot of needed punch to the offense, and would be another player defense fear and must account for. Having Best, Calvin, Pettigrew, Burleson and Stafford out there together is a lot of talent for the defense to account for.

This draft is so intriging because there are so many ways that it will play out. If an elite CB falls, the Lions SHOULD take them, as they are our biggest need at this point. If Mayhew can fleece another Gm into giving us two 2nd round picks or a lower 2nd and 3rd round for #34, he should do it, as 2nd round picks are overall (salary, production etc) better values than the 1st round.

I would be very happy with Suh, Best, and top talent CB for our scheme, in that order for the first 3 rounds. Getting extra picks like Mayhew did last year via trade to snag Sammie Hill, should hopefully happen.

Making our way to mediocrity, Go Lions!

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