LaGarrette Blount would look good in a Lions Uniform Right Now

Coming into the 2010 NFL Draft and also during the NFL draft, I had my eye on Lagarrette Blount and really had hoped the Lions would draft him. As many people know, LaGarrette Blountwas suspended for the entire 2009 College season for the Oregon Ducks after Punching a Boise State player following a tough loss and scuffle on the field.

I knew that the talent was there in a major way, think Brandon Jacobs with more speed and quickness, and you have a legit physical stud, with a dominant NFL body. I watched and hoped even after the Lions selected Jahvid Best that they would take a flyer on a “off field issues” true complement back to Best in Blount. 

Every team in the NFL passed on LaGarrette Blount in the draft.. as the Lions turns came up in the 7th round, I was hoping that Mayhew would pull the trigger and take a chance on the perfect guy for our power running attack that both Scwartz and Mayhew have been preaching all along. Sure enough, there were too many doubts and “don’t want to bring that kind of guy into the locker room” BS that goes on in the NFL.

Then when to my amazement Blount went undrafted, I was truly hoping the Lions would sign the guy as an undrafted free agent, give him a shot to be a huge part and one of the pieces to the Lions becoming a juggernaut on Offense. LaGarrette signed on with the Tennessee Titans, and was cut in the last round in hopes to sneak him on to their practice squad. Right then the Lions had a chance to grab a promising strong young bruiser, but they failed.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had the 3rd highest waiver priority, whom the Lions would have beat out had they made a claim, made the smart decision to take a flyer on a young physical stud RB. Hats off to the Buccaneers front office, Blount is starting to establish himself with the team and take most of the touches going forward.

Its easy to use hindsight to criticize on decisions like these, as there are so many stories of guys that came out of knowhere to be studs in the NFL, but this one is so frustrating to me because I knew that LaGarrette belonged in the NFL and he would be exactly the type of back that could really help the Lions. Most of the Lions running game woes are the offensive lines fault, but Jahvid Best is more Reggie Bush than Chris Johnson so far from what I have seen, and getting a bruiser would go a long way to helping the Lions in short yardage, as they have been especially horrendous in those situations.

Seeing players I dearly hopped the Lions would acquire excel in exactly the way i thought they would with other teams is frustrating, but at least it shows that I have a good eye for talent, fully understand this team and know what it needs to get over the hump and into the playoffs.

At least LaGarrette can contribute to my Fantasy Team…

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