Lions re-sign DeAndre Levy; proof that Mayhew is gone after this year

The Lions have re-signed Deandre Levy OLB who started 13 of 16 games in 2012.

Considering that Scouts and Pro Football Focus consider Levy to be a very below average player last year, really does not bode well for Mayhew to keep his job after this season.

When you are in charge of picking winners, which basically is what the job of an NFL GM is to do, you better pick winners. I think Mayhew picked a loser in Levy.

Details about the contract are not yet known, it is a multi-year deal. Unless Mayhew got a steal deal and considers Levy a good quality back-up that knows the system, then he made a mistake.

Levy is part of the problem on defense, NOT the solution, he is known as a weak tackler, and as I watched the games in 2012, I rarely saw Levy make outstanding plays where you really noticed and said “wow, levy is all over the place”

Mayhew kept most starters last offseason and it was a disaster, offenses found out how to stop the Lions wide 9 defensive scheme, and without a better pass rush and more pressure, this defense gets exposed.

The Lions need Linebackers that are playmakers and good tacklers, there are several LB free agents I would MUCH rather see the Lions sign over Levy, so this is not good news that Mayhew judged Levy as worth of re-signing, he is trying to hold on to ANY of his picks past the 1st round to prove he is a good drafter, but sadly Mayhews track record of draft picks taken after the 1st round is rather pathetic.

Heres hoping Levy will bounce back after 4 years of pretty bad production and ratings by scouts.

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