NFL Scheduling Rules are Unfair and do not promote parity

If the Lions weren’t cursed, and didn’t make some mistakes I’ve never seen any other team make in any sport, they would be sitting at 6-2 right now, and that is through a ridiculously tough opening schedule that the morons at the NFL gave the 2nd worst team from 2009. I cannot even begin to express my frustrations with the way the NFL sets up the schedule now a days with 8 divisions.

Each NFL year, each team plays its own division rivals 2 times each. 6 Games.
Then a given division plays 2 other divisions, 1 AFC 1 NFC. 8 Games.
then 2 intraconference games based on last years standings. 2 Games.

It means there are only 2 games!! 2!! that are a difference to the strength of schedule for each team within a division! Minnesota plays the exact 14 of 16 teams the Lions play!!! Imagine the records this year if the NFL promoted parity like they CLAIM they do. The ONLY thing a bad team has going for it is a higher draft pick, and until they revise the rookie salary structure its actually a detriment! No wonder the Lions and several other teams have been so bad for so long this decade! The NFL is putting the bad teams under so much pressure to hit on those high draft picks, otherwise they have a mountain of dead money on the salary cap!

Astonishingly, we are somehow seeing parity this year DESPITE the leagues enormous attempts against it. You give the worst teams the easiest schedule you damn morons! that’s how it is supposed to work! are you on DOPE? The NFL needs to come up with a system that will give the worst teams the easiest schedules per the previous years rankings. I don’t give 1 crap that I get to see the Lions play the Buffalo bills at least every 4 years.. it seems to me that the only rationale behind having a schedule like they currently have to to assure that each team will play each other NFL team once every 4 years, that is garbage, and look that is means? In order to make sure the Lions play every other team at least once every 4 years, a fair schedule that tries to achieve league wide parity is GONE, poof, up in smoke…

It sickens me to watch the Kansas Cities and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL have success only because of their soft schedules, and luck of a certain division being “down” one year. By the time the Lions play the bad divisions of 2010, they might be good again! You tell me one team the Lions have played that is a bad team? Do you realize the ONLY team the lions played with a losing record is the Minnesota Vikings? on the road to boot? The more I research this, the madder I get with how the NFL has set up the scheduling since the shift to 8 divisions. we have played 1/2 our games against Division leaders!!! the combined record of our opponents is 39-26, a .600 average!! The NFL is getting some of the major stuff right, but they need to do something about the scheduling, this is not going to create more parity.

Ok I just had to get that off my chest, the NFL does soo many things I can’t stand, yet I am addicted…

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