The Detroit Lions are Two Good Drafts Away from Mediocrity

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The Detroit Lions wrapped up another dreadful, horrible, nasty and frustrating NFL season. I had started to see some small signs that the defense was improving, they were playing teams closer etc, but then mental breakdowns and huge plays put it away.


What a terrible record, the only team that did worse, the 1-15 St. Louis Rams, BEAT the Lions! If the lions were rated a 0 on a 1-10 scale last year, I would say they slightly improved to a 0.25 out of 10 this year. Something has got to be done about that defense! C’mon people, I hear the argument by some that the Lions should take a few more offensive players in the early rounds of the draft, to try to solidify that side of the ball. But not even the greatest show on turf or this years Saints could get to .500 ball with the Lions horrific defense. they finished the year dead last in defense AGAIN! 4th worst defense of all time (scoring defense).

In my opinion, the fastest way the Lions could dramatically improve their defense would be to use the #2 pick on the best defensive lineman available, either Suh, McCoy, or Morgan. Then with the #34 pick in the 2nd round, take the best cornerback available.

From my observations of how this defensive scheme works, and the Lions personnel, a really talented and strong Defensive Tackle will make all our current players better. Sammie Hill did a great job this season considering his background, and with a good offseason of strength training, he should become a very good tackle in the Schwartz defense. Avril has shown he is an NFL level DE, and with more disruption from the DT position, he will improve and I believe will become more consistant.

Now a much better defensive line will allow DeAndre Levy and some of the other line backers jobs a lot easier. Ernie Sims came on strong last year, and looks to be a viable option to start and really produce, he has a lot of talent!

Mayhew, we have faith in you.

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  1. Lions need a blazing fast RB! Hopefully they can hit on someone in the 2nd or 3rd round that can break a few long TD runs, need that home run hitter for stafford and CJ!

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